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An Investment in IT is an Investment in Your Business

How much would it cost your business to be offline for a few hours? Or a few days? IT is a core component to running and operating daily business functions, and most businesses cannot function when their IT infrastructure goes down. Investing wisely in your IT could help you save more in the long run.

Many IT costs are significantly less than they were even a few years ago, such as bandwidth and storage. Internet circuits have also significantly reduced in cost. Many times, people stick with the same plan they had signed up for years ago and are now unknowingly overpaying. Here are three things to consider when investing in IT:

Track the Trends IT spend is currently shifting from a capital expense to an operational one. In previous years, businesses would make a couple of capital expenses every three to five years, including a new workstation fleet and new servers and infrastructure. As the shift to an operational expense continues, companies are seeing a value add in cloud services, managed backup service, and infrastructure hosting.

Plan Your Budget If you don’t have an in-house CTO or outsourced vCIO keeping track of the latest trends, technologies, and applicable cost-savings, chances are you’re overspending on IT. Crafting an IT budget allows you to have predictability by controlling costs. Having some of those surprise technology costs accounted for in your budget helps reduce wasted time and misused valuable resources.

Develop the Right IT Strategy Your business IT strategy is unique and should be based off your growth plans (e.g. new geographies, mergers, client acquisition) and other investments. Leveraging technology can help you gain a competitive advantage and market share through automation, process improvement and efficiencies.

For more information on how to invest smarter in IT and prepare an IT budget, contact the experts at Tesno Technologies today!

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